My ulcertave colitis problem

I believe I am experiencing my first ulcerative colitis flare up.   Needless to say, it is not a fun thing to go through.  I have been feeling really tired, not my usual self and I have had wicked waves of nausea for the last 4 days.   Add diarrhea, losing 4 pounds in one week, loss of appetite and night sweats to the mix, to come to the grand conclusion that I am flaring up.  When I saw the doctor in January, he warned me that flare ups would be a part of my future.   For some reason,  I thought the flare up would be more severe, kind of like what I experienced when I was initially diagnosed in the emergency department.  I have not been bleeding but I do believe if it is left untreated, the bleeding will start.   Time to take action.

Make sure to use whatever resources are available to you.  I may be a nurse but I am no expert in managing colitis.  I called the clinic and was so happy (read sarcastic) to restart the dreaded suppositories.  So not fun, especially when you have angry hemorhoids standing in its way.  Sorry if this is too much information but I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you’re probably somebody who’s interested in learning about colitis or managing a flare up.  No use in trying to sugar coat anything.
I am still amazed that I have lost 4 pounds in only 7 days.  Usually this amount of weight loss would make me giddy with excitement.  Unfortunately, I find this quite concerning.   The waves of nausea prevent me from really wanting to eat.  When I force myself to eat something, I get diarrhea.  No wonder I have lost so much weight.  I really need to be eating nutrient dense food that is easy on the system but full of good nutrients.  I have been making sure to drink my Shakeology and really believe this is one of those foods my body really needs.  So far, it has been very gentle on my body.
One major concern for me is dehydration.  I actually feel dry in terms of thirst.  I am making sure to drink lots of water and avoid drinks like coffee, which tends to dehydrate us.  Usually, I have no problem drinking fluids but it is a bit of a struggle when you do feel nauseated.   Thank goodness for Gingerale!  Another option is making tea and adding real ginger to it for the anti-nausea properties.  I also love slurpees.  Yeah, sugar!
I am still working out however I’m really listening to my body and only doing what it can do.  Thank goodness for Body Body Beast.  It doesn’t have a lot of cardio in it.  This way I can focus on the weight lifting and maximizing my form.  Being able to still workout is one of my sanity savers.  I may not have control over the flare up but I do have total control over working out.  The key is to not overdo it.  Resting is a must as it allows the body to heal.  Speaking of rest, time for me to do just that.  Perfect time for me to catch up on some missed TV episodes.  Game of Thrones anyone?
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