Lifting, Life, and Whey Protein Powder

I haven’t posted for a while.  Sometimes life gets so busy and before you know it, a week or two seems to just fly by.  Life here has been busy and exciting.  My son finally got his learners license.  It was my daughter’s birthday and we were all together celebrating.  My husband, brother in law, sister and my son’s girlfriend were gently teasing him about not having his learner’s license.  It actually motivated him to really study that evening (3 hours) and write the exam the next day.  He passed!   Love how sometimes the best motivators can be family.  He probably hated every minute of it of the teasing yet he is smiling here with me.


It never ceases to amaze me the difference between boys and girls.   My daughter tends to be much more motivated and able to adapt to life changes.   My hubby and I went away for one night.  My son was working that evening.  My daughter wanted some sushi so she got on the bus, went down to a shopping centre and bought some.   My son never would have done something like this alone at that age.   For some reason, boys tend to take a lot longer to do things.   I don’t know if its a lack of maturity.  Research shows that the frontal lobe, the part where rational thought and consequences exist in the brain, does not develop until kids reach the age of 25.   Boys tend to mature a lot slower than girls.  I still remember when my son would not go on a city bus until he was forced to.   The high school was too far for him to walk to that he had no other choice but to get over whatever was holding him back.  Now, there are no issues with the bus, just the unknown.  My daughter is already chomping at the bit to write her learners test and she’s only 15.  Maybe that was also a motivator?  Could you imagine if she got it before my son?  Oh the horror!
Let’s get back to my night away with my hubby.  We went out to the mountains.  We are so lucky to have them about an hour drive away from our house.   I highly recommend that you do “date night” or “date weekend away” with your significant other at least once a month, preferably every 2 weeks.  This will help to keep your relationship strong because life gets in the way.  You get totally absorbed with what is going on with the kids and everything else that you start to lose focus in your relationship with one another.   I don’t want my relationship to come to the point where I’m asking, who is this person that I’m married to?  I want our relationship to be strong so for me, it is vital to invest in it.   Our weekend away was wonderful.  We enjoyed lots of good wine and food, even though the weather was cold.   Here is a picture of what it looked like driving there.
It didn’t matter.   We were together,  enjoying one another’s company and not having any other distractions.   Gave us lots of time to reconnect.
Recently, a lightbulb came off in my mind and I totally realized I am a weight lifting junkie. I also started drinking a protein shake after every weight lifting session. I found this yummy  whey protein  called FitMiss from this website that said it’s the best protein powder brand for women. I am not gonna lie.. I was skeptical at first. However, I tried and I believe the protein supplement works.   What does this mean?   There’s nothing I would rather do than lift weights when I work out. And this whey protein supplement is going to help me reach my goals. Honestly,  I feel empowered and so much stronger.  I love the way that my muscles are developing and how I am feeling mentally and emotionally.   A lot of women do not like to try weight lifting because there is a misconception that they will become big and bulky.  This is totally false.  As women, we do not have the testosterone levels that men do.  For this reason, bulkiness will not happen.  Weight lifting will make you more lean and toned.  As we age, our metabolism naturally decreases but this is due to a loss in muscle mass.  Best way to regain it, is to lift weights.   I have done both Chalean Extreme and Body Beast and they are both amazing programs.  I even did vlog posts of my journey with Body Beast for those who may want more insight.  I still incorporate some cardio in my workout routine.   If weight lifting isn’t your thing,  that’s okay.   Do whatever makes you happy.   The key here is staying fit and active.
In addition to working out, you also need to be mindful of what you eat.   One of the biggest lessons I learned doing the 21 Day Fix program was that portion control and moderation was important.   I still want to enjoy the good and yummy things in life.  Can anyone say chocolate and red wine?   Having said that, when we do indulge, packing on the guilt doesn’t help either.  There’s enough guilt in the world that we don’t need to add any extra into our lives.   Being a mom seems to provide its own guaranteed amount of guilt.   Don’t add anymore to it.
What we need to add are things that help to decrease our stress and make us happy.  Find the time to do something that you enjoy.   One of the things that really helps calm me is coming home from work and enjoying a cup of coffee, in total silence, waiting for my daughter to come home from school.  I also enjoy relaxing by either reading or taking a nice hot bath.   Find what works best for you and go with it.  You will not regret it.
I was able to try out a new recipe from Canadian Living.   It is called Snow Pea, Shrimp and Carrot Saute with Brown Sugar.  It took a total of 30 minutes from start to finish.  Enjoy!


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