Final update


I am at the end of my 21 Day Fix program, 7 pounds lighter and feeling leaner.

I had to stop working out on day 18 because I was (and am still) feeling sick and I started thinking that was hindering my ability to get better.  That and the fact that I have not taken any rest between programs over the last few months.  Guess I need to listen to my body.  The extra sleep is probably very much needed.

One of the biggest things I have learned from doing 21 Day Fix is portion control and how to eat with more vegetables on my plate.  We had dinner at my mom’s house and while I did aim for a smaller portion of chicken cordon bleu (my fave), I also noticed I subconsciously added a smaller portion of potatoes than I normally would have had and really loaded up on salad and brussel sprouts.  Bread never made it near my plate.  Now birthday cake, I have to admit I wasn’t even thinking about portion control.  How could I when it was homemade black forest cake?  Sometimes you just need to indulge.   Having said that, the dinner choice really opened my eyes to the obvious impact 21 Day Fix has had on me.

One thing that has happened quite a bit this last week is that people have noticed that I have lost weight.  I was actually able to fit in size 30 jeans.  That hasn’t happened in like forever!  I also indulged in buying some new clothes and got myself a brand new suede jacket that is fitted.  Love when I can be proud of how far I have come and feel really good about how I not only look but also feel.
This week is my birthday and I am giving myself a few gifts.  One gift will be a mini vacation where I will have 5 days off.  On that first day, my birthday, I will be enjoying some time at the spa getting a facial, pedicure and massage.  If you have never done this, you really must.  We give so much of ourselves to others and you really need to rejuvenate yourself with things that you love.
I am going to use the next week to also get a workout schedule created that will combine 3 programs together.  I still need to complete the last phase of P90X3 but want to add some Combat and RevAbs in as well.  I love the challenge of P90X3 but need some cardio and targeted ab work.  The variety should keep me engaged and my body challenged.  I want this to be the year that I can feel confident wearing a bikini in public.
Now I am also hoping that I will be cooking more and sharing more new recipes with you.  Eating clean, unprocessed and healthy food during a challenge can be a bit boring at times.  Now it is time to spice things up!  I will endeavor to find, try and then share some good healthy (and maybe not so healthy) recipes with you that not only you will love but your family as well.