Weight Loss Update

Last week I lost 4 pounds with the 21 Day Fix.  I followed the program as was written.  I guess I started to become confident and started to play around with the rules of the program.  Specifically, the moderation and portion size component.  When will I ever learn?

I just started training a new group of staff which means for the next 5 weeks, I will be up and moving a lot more than usual.  Have to say that I was feeling a bit hungrier too so I decided to increase my protein and carbohydrate containers by one each.  Never mind that I was not eating all my vegetable containers which could be part of the “hunger” part.  This week, I will make myself eat all the allotted containers and really assess if I need that extra protein or carbohydrate or both.
I also have been failing on the moderation component of the program.  Treats are allowed 3 times a week but then they do take up a carbohydrate container.  Guess what?  I was eating the treat and still eating another carbohydrate portion as if the treat did not happen.  I am my own worst enemy when it comes to food.  Also, I have been eating carbs past 6 pm which is not recommended.  Having said that, my treats have been pretty decent compared to what I have had in the past.  Biggest indulgence was Kettlecorn popcorn (and an over sized portion at that), 2 chocolate chip breakfast cookies, a strawberry mini strudel and a large portion of nuts.  What I haven’t had is potato chips, a slice of lemon meringue pie (though I did have 2 bites of it) nor chocolate bars that my hubby and kids have been bringing home so that is a definite bonus.  I think the key to long term nutritional success is focusing on having a diet that is clean and unprocessed 80% of the time and enjoying indulgences the other 20%.  It is about finding a balance.
I am also sick so my willpower dives and I simply crave comfort foods.  I am proud to say that I haven’t given in to my Dairy Queen Peanut Buster craving splurge (yet).  So with this last week of 21 Day Fix upon me, I am refocusing and getting serious again.  I did take one day off from the workouts since my cold was seeming to get worse.  My body really felt like it needed the rest.  Glad I did because I even stayed home from work that day, slept 12 hours and laid low.  I started up with the workouts but have been modifying the moves since anything more than that causes me to become quite short of breath.  So far so good.  I don’t feel like I am depleting myself and have to say that I am feeling mentally and emotionally better even as I sneeze and curse my runny nose during the workouts.  Just need to keep listening to my body and adjusting the workouts accordingly.
So, does that mean I failed this part of the 21 Day Fix?  Absolutely not!  It is all about learning and growing.  I really was not happy to have gained 2 pounds but can see the reason why I did.  It is all under my control.  I know what did not work and how to make it work again.  I can totally do this.  I have the right tools.  I just need to make it work for me, realizing that weight is only one component of the getting healthy and fit puzzle.  There are even greater indicators of progress which include clothes getting looser (they are), feeling stronger and seeing muscle definition (my shoulders are amazing), feeling mentally and emotionally strong (totally) and being a role model to my kids and those around me.  Getting fit and healthy is not a 21 day event, it is a life long journey.  I don’t know about you but all these lessons learned will help me lead a better life as I age.  I intend to be sharp as a whip and still kicking butt long past my 80’s.