World Air Games

The World Air Games (WAG) is an international sporting event organized ever four years, much like the Olympic Games. It comprises a host of different air sports competitions, in which countries enter teams to compete to win the grand championship of each event.

The games are hosted by a different country every four years. In 2009, Italy's Aero Club D'Italia hosted the events, which included powered paraglider races, hang gliding, parachuting, and other air sports.
The games have been hosted three times as of 2010, with the 2005 games cancelled, after disputes between Malaysia and Poland about who would host the games, as well as a lack of proper organization for the events. As a result, the games were pushed back to 2009, and hosted in Italy. The first World Air Games competition was hosted in Turkey in 1997. After a large international turnout, the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI) decided that the event should re-occur every four years, in order to invite air sports enthusiasts and competitors from around the world to revel in their love for all things aeronautical.

The events of the World Air Games take place over a span of 6-7 days, using several different sports arenas to exhibit the festivities. Aeronautics scientists and specialists from all over the world attended and participated in the World Air Games of Torino, Italy. The aeromodeling competition and the powered paraglider events had the largest turnout. The aeromodeling competitions went on Youtube, and became viral, generating more international attention for the event. Martin Muller of Germany was recorded on-video participating in the aeromodeling stunts competition, and his video received millions of views on Youtube.

Even though the World Air Games are still relatively underground compared to most international sports events, they see a large turnout of tens of thousands of watchers, and will continue to be hosted for air sports lovers and competitors alike for the foreseeable future. One can only wonder which country will win the bid to hole the World Air Games in 2013. We will learn more when the International Aeronautical Federation makes an official announcement about the next games, and which countries will be competing for the honor to host them.